lundi, juillet 02, 2007

"It's got to be the best birthday present she ever had"..FOR DIANA, Princess of Wales..

"It's got to be the best birthday present she ever had", said Prince William. 63.000 fans invaded Wembly Stadium to mark the 10th anniversary of the tragic death of the Princess that I loves as a best and close friend: Lady Diana, Princess of Wales. Royal Princes, choose July 1st, the Queen's of Hearts birthday. Born on July 1st, 1961 and died on August 31st, 1997, it seems that the Princess had only lived for two months full of events.

Many celebrities attended the concert to make tribute to the Late Princess of Wales, among them:
Sir Elton John
Duran Duran
Bryan Ferry
Pharrell Williams
Joss Stone
Andrew Lloyd Webber
English National Ballet
The earn will be spread over charitable works to make tribute to a woman who served humanity.
"the most perfect way of remembering her", said Princes William and Harry.