jeudi, juillet 12, 2007


July 12, 2006 * July 12, 2007, one year ago after the terrible war that Lebanon faced, not as a party, but only as a poor witness of a war between Hezbollah and Israel. A war which field was Lebanon and which victims were the poor Lebanese citizens. About 2 million of Lebanese flew their country since the assassination of PM Hariri and the war of summer 2006. After Hezbollah killed Israeli soldiers and captured two, Israel attacked Lebanon. Two soldiers for one country. They started by bombing bridges and routes in order to cut the way between north, south and to Syria to make the liaison between the resistence and its HQ in Beirut hard. Then, they bombarded the run way of Rafic Hariri International Airport, with massive attacks to the north and sea embargo. Lebanon was under siege and the international community was only watching what is happening. The only help was helping people to get out of a nice country which name is: Lebanon! I believe that the Isreali reaction was not appropriate to the fact of capturing two soldiers, but also, there are question marks on the purpose, time and reason of why Hezbollah captured two Israeli soldiers from Israeli borders? Many people talk about victory and resistence. I share them that opinion but not 100%. Look to what Lebanon lost and is loosing. My only words will be: Thank you Olmert and Hassan destroyed Lebanon!