lundi, juillet 02, 2007


I believe in Democracy and majority. I have a group of 8 friends, and if we decide to make an activity which I do not like or which others do not like, I accept what the majority says. if yes, it's ok. If not it's ok. I have to respect the majority decision. We shall make some compromises from time to time or we will reach a dead end.
I believe in the Freedom of Speech. A famous principle in the United States of America. Today spread all over the World except in some countries which still living in the 70's and 80's. One of my French language teachers said to me "look. if we do not move forward. we move back". At that time I got an average of 12 in the 1st term. I was ranked 9. On the second term I got 12 again, but I was ranked 11 that time.
In this article I am not going to talk about the freedom of speech in itself, but I am going to use this principle to talk about the minorities' rights. I have gotten this idea after a long debate with a friend for more than 7 hours.
I believe in Democracy. I believe that some minorities shall obtain their rights such as the amazigh in the Maghrab, the kurds, Chrestians, or Muslims, or Jews in some countries where they represent a minority, BUT without using the fact of being minority to get independence. In some countries, the minorities cannot obtain their independence because the territories where they live cannot be divided such as Lebanon. Yes I am with the minorities' rights but not in order to put in danger the national unity. In Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, Algeria, Morocco, or elsewhere, citizens shall be only Lebanese, Iraqi, Jordanian, Algerian or Moroccan, before being Chrestian, Muslim, Durze, Sunnite, Shiite, Kabili, or amazigh.
But my friend considers another minorities. He wxas talking about gays and lesbians. I was surprised! He told me: "but those are minorities too. We know that they exist. They exist since centuries ago. They will continue to exist. Do not think that we shall accept them and their rights for speech, expression, live and choose?. Do not you think that we shall amend our laws and regulations to accept them? Do not you think we shall abolish forever the relation between a civil state and the religion?". I think that he is right. Some of you will ask as I asked. "But what about our society? our religion?", ok. look, even Chrestianity does not accept that. But it exists! How many of you has a girlfriend? How many of you kissed her or made love with her or with a whore? Isn't that contrary to law and religion too? Why we allow and we forbid what is suitable for us and not for the others? He added: "do you know how many gays & lesbians can visit Tunisia for tourism if they were accepted? Do you know how many gay investors will invest of million of dollars and create thousands of jobs just because their rights are conserved? Do you know that gays/lesb have a purchasing power that no body has? Personally, I DO NOT KNOW. What about you??!.