vendredi, juin 01, 2007



Present; and


of the Maghreb Arab Union: PPF.

In 1989 the MAU was established in Marrakech, after negotiations during Zeralda in 1988 with the presence of late King Fahd bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.

It was a dream that comes true, but after a while it turned into illusions. After the last summit held in Tunis in 1990, the MAU entered into a deep sleep.

Politicians as well as people, have found themselves surrounded by obstacles and problems. Embargoes on Libya because of the accident of the Pan Am aircraft, terrorism in Algeria, a conflict between Algeria and Morocco because of the west sahara, conflict between Libya and Tunisia for a while, conflict between Libya and Mauritania because of Mauritanian's diplomatic relations with Israel, unstability in Mauritania, bad economic developpement in many countries such as Mauritania, Libya and Algeria, although the two latter countries are oil producers, and now the appearance of Al Qaida terrorist group for the Maghreb.

As follower of politics, I have noticed that Tunisia was and is, the only country keeping faith in the MAU.

During the Arab summit held in Tunis in 2004, President Ben Ali saught a rapprochement between the MAU's countries.

Today, the MAU is a necessity. With more than 5 million square kilometers area, more than 79 million of inhabitants, countries of oil, gas, agriculture, tourism and long historic heritage, being a link between Africa, Asia and Europe, the MAU may play an important role in the south shore of the Mediterranean.

Because of the non union, the MAU is losing yearly a huge amount of money of millions of dollars.

I am with the Union, the union does not mean that we shall relieve our national identity, no that's not true. We can establish a unity and at the same time preserving our identity and culture. I am calling to open the borders, to cancel the trade barriers, to cancel the visa or travelling with passports, to allow the free exchange of capitals and business between the MAU.