jeudi, juin 07, 2007


Al few days of the first week of June 1967, Israel won the armies of three Arabic countries: Egypt, Syria and Jordan, and their supporters from Palestinians, Lebanese and other nationalities.
Jamel Abdel Nasser, had said many times, over and over, "will throw Israelis into sea", until this moment we are seeing Israelis who are throwing Palestinians into the rest of the world.
The late Leader Yasser Arafat had said many times, over and over, "want who wants, and refuse who refuses, and who does not accept, he may drink of the dead sea" (own & bad translation, I know :)), but in fact who drank of the dead sea?
I am with the establishment of the Palestinian State, but at the same time I am trying to be reasonable. For the moment we cannot throw Israel into sea. Either we want Peace, or war.
Who is responsible of Nakba? who is responsible of our present time? It is us, the Arabs. We can not expect the future much more than our nose. We do not try to use our brains, we just listen to our hearts. When Bourguiba asked the Palestinians to accept the UN plan of 1949 to divide Palestine into two countries: Palestine 51% and Israel 49%. Palestinains and Arabs refused, accusing Bourguiba of betraying the nation. Today Palestinians are running behing Gaza strip and 13% of the West Bank.
A complexed conflict, confusing interests, and a suffering people. We have to admit that Israel won the fight, but the war. It seems that the way to Peace is too long and hard. Allah ma3na!
I HOPE to see one day, Palestine!