samedi, juin 16, 2007


Knestt has chosen the 9th Israeli President: Shimon Peres. Failled to be Prime Minister of Israel, Shimon Peres has never gave up. Israeli engineer of the Peace Process, Shimon Peres convinced Yetzah Rabin to establish Peace with Arabs and Palestinians. I remember when Shimon Peres lost the elections in front of Benjamin Netenyahu. I was at classroom but my brain was at elsewhere searching to know the results. The bill rang, I run as fast as I could to go back home, only 300 m of the secondary school. My grand parents opened the door before I knock and my grand father said: your friends Shimon Peres has lost the elections. Netenyahu is the new PM. I got tears on my eyes because I realized how much the way to establish Peace would be harder & harder. As you see now, we are looking to establish Peace between the Palestinian brothers before continuing the process with Israelis. I hope that the election of Shimon Peres will give a push to the frozen Peace process. No much hope, because the Israeli President is, in fact, without power. His status is similar to that of Queen of England.