jeudi, juin 14, 2007


Another bad news coming from Beirut. 10 deads among them the MP Walid Ido, his son and two body guards.
Walid Ido was known as the most anti-syrian politician within the movement of March 14th. His assassination did not shoked me because I was sure that something will happen in Lebanon, but I did not realize that a great politician figure like Mr. Walid. Today Lebanon is suffering, north, south, east, west and down town Beirut.
It is time to put the dots on the (i). It is time for:
- to fix the borders and limits between Syria and Lebanon;
- to normalize the diplomatic relations with Syria by opening Embassies and legalize the entry to each country (just for your info if you are going to visit Lebanon and you want to enter across borders between Syria and Lebanon, you will be unauthorized to get into without a visa. It is impossible to get a visa in Syria. You need to get your visa elswhere, from Lebanon Embasy Tunis for example)(Moreover, Syria is saying that for the moment it is impossible and IT IS NOT THE TIME to exchange Ambassadors with Beirut. DO you judge this logical??!)
- to get a long waited official acknowledgement by the Syrian government acknowledging that Shebaa farms are Lebanese;
- to get a promise of the Syrian government to cooperate with the Hariri International Tribunal;
- the Lebanese government shall file a complaint with UN and the borders with syria shall be under UN control;
- Israel shall acknowledge the frams of Shebaa as Lebanese and shall respect Lebanese sovereignty;
- Hezbollah shall hand over its weapons to the Lebanese government;
- the opposition shall end its ridiculous strike donwtown Beirut;
- a new president shall be elected by the Parliament. The Constitution of Lebanon provides that the President shall be elected at the majority of two-thirds. After the assassination of Pierre Gemayel and walid Ido, the murderous are trying to reduce and change the majority of March 14 inside the Parliament in order to lock the process of electing a new president who may be an anti-syrian. In the contrary to what the Lebanese opposition are saying, the Lebanese Constitution provides that the President must be elected at the majority of the 2/3 in the first tour, if failed at the absolute majority in the next tours which means that March 14 may choose the next president. I do not know why March 8 are fearing that. they have to admit democracy rules;