jeudi, juin 07, 2007


I believe that the situation is critical in Lebanon. With new fight field in the south, camp of Ein El Helowa, Lebanon is faced a crucial moment in its history, the most important since the civil war. I cannot hide that I am fearing of new civil war. Fath al Islam in the north, Jund Al Sham in the south, hezbollah in the heart of Lebanon, Beirut, Syria from the north and the east and Israel in the south, Lebanon is surrounded. Just the sea is left to the Lebanese. I agree with the army. The Lebanese army MUST continue its operation against these terrorist groups. I agree with those who are talking about prohibiting Palestinian weapons outside the camps and reorganised that weapons inside the camps. I agree with those who are supporting the idea of cooperation between the Lebanese army and police and the Palestinians responsibles inside the camps to keep order. Palestinians are not in their country Palestine. Sorry to say that, but they MUST obey to Lebanese laws and order, not to present a threat to the Lebanese national security. If they want to open camps for training how to fight Israel, then they shall go to Israel and fight there not in Lebanon or elsewhere.
This is message to those who still dreaming of throwing Israel into sea: if you want to do that just fuck off us. Go and fight in Israel. Leave our territories safe and prosper. You are claiming that you are defending Palestine, then show us how, but PLEASE, faraway from us!