dimanche, mars 04, 2007


British monarch QUEEN ELIZABETH II will never watch Oscar nominated movie THE QUEEN because she doesn't want to watch someone else depict her on screen. The 80-year-old isn't keen to relive what is arguably the most painful week of her 55-year reign, the period after DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES' tragic death in August 1997 - which is the subject of the film. A friend of Queen Elizabeth II tells British newspaper the Sunday Telegraph, "It's hard enough for her to have to look at a video of herself after an event. But to try to watch somebody else being you is almost impossible. "The Queen is not a great film person. There are small cinema rooms at (her homes) Buckingham Palace, Sandringham and Balmoral, but the Queen rarely takes advantage of them." PETER MORGAN, the film's scriptwriter, said, "If the Queen hasn't seen it, that's very, very sensible. It speaks hugely in her favour." DAME HELEN MIRREN is Oscar nominated for her portrayal of the British royal.

But I am not sure of that. I believe that she is going to see it even in private. The movie is worth to be watched.