dimanche, mars 04, 2007


Officials investigating the 1997 death of DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES have reportedly uncovered the identity of the suicide victim whose blood was mixed up with samples taken from her driver HENRI PAUL. It is now known that the blood, previously thought to be Paul's and which was used to prove the chauffeur was three times over the legal drink-driving limit, belonged to somebody else. Forensic pathologist Professor DOMINIQUE LECOMTE faces an investigation over the mix-up after it emerged in September (06) that she confused the identity numbers of the bodies. Paul was at the wheel of the Mercedes Benz when it crashed inside a Paris, France tunnel, killing him, Diana and her lover DODI FAYED. He was originally said to have been heavily intoxicated at the time. An insider tells British newspaper the Daily Express, "What is certain is that all the test on Paul's blood were deeply flawed, and that the truth is now slowly emerging. "The French knew who this suicide victim was, and that his alcohol and carbon monoxide readings were used to make it look as though Paul should not have been driving. "There have been numerous serious errors, but investigators can now prove that the extra samples originally attributed to Paul were those of a suicide victim."