mercredi, mars 21, 2007


The father of DODI AL FAYED, the boyfriend of DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES, has accused two British policemen of withholding information from the French inquiry into the pair's death in a car crash in Paris, France. Lawyers acting on behalf of MOHAMMED AL FAYED today (19MAR07) filed complaints with the Paris District Court against LORD CONDON, the former Metropolitan Police commissioner, and SIR DAVID VENESS, former assistant commissioner of the force, alleging they failed to include crucial information at the French inquest. Al Fayed says Diana's 1995 claims of a conspiracy to kill her should have been heard by the court, with an investigating judge likely to be appointed to the new case next month (APR07). But a British police investigation in December (06) ruled out a conspiracy to murder, and Lord Condon insists he co-operated fully with the French enquiry. The British inquest into the deaths will begin in October (07).