lundi, janvier 15, 2007


Reading the different articles of my dear tunisian bloggers about the last meet up make me feel guilty of not being gather to you. I think that I have missed avery important & emotional met up this time. In fact I know that during the meets up I am very shy, I do not talk so much, anyway, could we arrange to chnage the days from sundays to fridays afternoons, please?! I work and study from monday to friday, on fridays afternoons I go back home to Bizerta, so it is hard to me to come back to Tunis on Sunday then go back home to come back again to Tunis on monday's morning & I do not like to come on sundays and staying in Tunis because I like to spen more time with my family & friends specially that after my father's death I become responsible over a family, you see. I really miss you guys!