jeudi, janvier 04, 2007


In The Name of God, the Clement, the Merciful,
Dear Bloggers,
Here I am again!
I was very sick of flu, but now I feel better.
Let me first wish you a Merry Christmas, Eid Edha Mubarak & a Happy New Year 2007. As to my family, these moments were very sad because we celebrated these events for the first time since the death of my beloved father last June. But I believe that life shall go on.
I want also to take part in commenting the execution of Saddam Hussein.
If we look to Al Sharia'a as well as to the positive law in many countries, we will notice that Saddam Hussein deserves to be sentenced to death.
I ask many countries to stop making Saddam Hussein as a hero. We shouldn't stop thinking of thousands of people killed by their own president Saddam Hussein & his sons. He was a man of threats, wars and horrors. He lad the region into 3 wars & he arrived to presidency with bvloody hands. I only disagree with the Iraqi government on the chosen day.
It was better to execute him after the eid. Any way we shall now look to the future, to build a new Iraq and to stop the massacres, because the Iraqis who are targetted not the Americans or the British (3000 US Soldiers vs. more than 12000 Iraqis).
As to Lebanon, I believe that the oppostion shall stop its demonstrations downtown Beirut and to stop saying dirty & wrong information on the government!
In Tunisia, I hope that the new year will bring peace and not to implement Tunisia in terrorist acts, but alos I want the government to be more flexible and not to hide truth over its citizens. The globe is becoming more and more as small village and we cannot hide the information. We need more freedom of speech and more democracy.