samedi, janvier 27, 2007


Iran and since the Islamic Revolution in 1979, it represents a threat and a danger not only vis-à-vis its neighbours, but also vis-à-vis the World Peace.
We shouldn't forget that one of the Iranian Islamic Revolution purposes is to spread and to export the revolution to the world. Having nuclear weapons will add new threat to the region. BUT THIS IS NOT THE ONLY THINGS. Last days, I was taking a dinner with some friends when we started talking about what is happeing in Lebanon and Iraq. Two of y friends have told us that there is a new movement in Tunisia specially in the south. It is said that theres is "shi'ism" movement which means that many young Tunisians are coming more and more "shiite" after studying the shiite sect in Lebanon or Syria benefited of Iranian support (finance) and scholarships. After that, they come back to Tunisia and try to spread the shiite sect after getting a diploma as "marja3ia diniya". Some of them are now in Lebanon where they serve as "marja3ia diniya". 9alou ta3rafchi el 3elm; 9allou enzid fih!