samedi, août 05, 2006


It was Friday August 4th, 2006; two months after my father's death. At 11h00 I arrived to the Embassy of Lebanon. No policeman! No security! an absolute tranquility. I entred the Embassy and I met with a Lebanese guy. At the time the Ambassador was in a meeting, but in fact my aim was not to meet with him, I liked to meet with any Lebanese person, even a citizen if any, in order to show our compassion and support. I have talked with Chedy for about 30 or 45 min. I was anxious because no blogger shown up. After that chat, I left the Embassy ground leaving a letter of support to His Excellency the Ambassador.
As soon as I arrived home, I received a call from Tarek (& Infinity, Zizou and another blogger who, sorry, until now I cannot keep his name) telling me that they were in front of the Embassy doors. I drove back to then. In my was they sent me an sms in which they informed me that they have been to refused to get in the Embassy and that the Ambassador him self was angry. I am so sorry for you guys. But believe me that I called the Embasy twice before going. It was my fault to bring you and letting you know such situation & sorry to you Mr. the Ambassador, what we were doing was not illegal as you told my friends. It was not a demonstration or any other qualification. We were just five persons with narrow relations to Lebanon, and even if it was illegal, it was our matter with our government. The innocent people who are fighting and dying in Palestine & Lebanon, are not better than us. We shall suffer too to get our freedom & Democracy. Sorry Mr. the Ambassador! & I am so so sorry dear friends. But really I have enjoyed my self because it was an opportunity to meet with you in a mini-meet-up ;)