jeudi, août 24, 2006

FAQs..WHY YOUR BLOG'S NAME IS "DianaMagazine"?..

"-Hi Yamen. let me introduce you". " here is Yamen. Diana Magazine". (introduced by Infinity, or Zizou or marwen subzero);
-"Hi. Hi. Hi.........I am... I am... I am... (the bloggers)
This what happens as soon as I get to the bloggers meet-up. Then the frequently asked questions begins:
"-why your blog's name is Diana Magazine"?, asked one blogger
-"oh yes, why? I thought that you were a girl!", added another one.
My answer:
-"If you read what is written above in my blog, the small two'll be answered! when I created this blog it was mainly to make tribute to Lady Diana, Princess of Wales".
I hope that I have answered the question ;)