mardi, août 22, 2006


It is time to remember our deeply loved and greatly missed Princess Diana, the Queen of Hearts. The file of her sudden, tragical & terrible death after a car accident in Paris, is not closed yet. According to the latest news, Lady Diana was not pregnant as it was said after her death. During her holiday with dodi Al Fayed in Saint-Tropez southern France, pictures were taken to the Princess of Wales. It was said by the time that she looks like pregnant.
British royal DIANA, PRINCESS OF WALES was not pregnant when she died in a 1997 car crash, according to the manager of a London mortuary where her post-mortem examination took place. ROBERT THOMPSON rubbishes speculation Diana was expecting the baby of her lover DODI FAYED, who was also killed in the incident in Paris, France. In the documentary WHO KILLED DIANA?, to be aired on British TV network Sky One on Monday (21AUG06), Thompson says, "I saw no evidence of pregnancy exposed during the post-mortem procedure, and indeed the pathologist said that she was not pregnant. "Drawing together what I heard and what I saw on that day in the post-mortem room - the pathologist said to me: 'Well, she wasn't pregnant.' I saw no evidence of pregnancy within her body. "My conclusion must be that she wasn't pregnant." Fayed's father, business tycoon MOHAMED AL FAYED, still suspects his son and Diana were killed on orders of the British royal family because she was pregnant. Driver HENRI PAUL also died in the crash.19/08/2006 13:56