dimanche, août 06, 2006


I cannot understand how many leaders and politicians could sleep by night without thinking of the innocent people who are dying in Lebanon and who do not care of Lebanon, the country that has been destroyed and it needs years to be rebuild. I cannot understand how could they close their eyes and sleep in peace in their palaces however Israeli warplanes are flying over the heads of my friends in Beirut and Tripoli and bombarding my village roots of Akkar. I am not convinced with the ceasefire project & I would like to thank the Lebanese government initiative & the refuse of the said project. IT IS TIME TO STOP WAR * IT IS TIME TO SAY NO! IT IS TIME TO SAY "KIFAYA"! IT IS TIME TO GO DOWN THE STREES! TO SCREAM & CRY! SAVE OUR HONOR!
Who is the winner? Pictures of the Destroyed Lebanon would answer the question!