mercredi, novembre 05, 2008


I know that many of us were mobolized to help Obama to become the 44th President of the USA especially in the Arab World.

I cannot hide the truth: I was a big supporter to Senator Hillary Clinton, but when she lost the nomination of the Democratic Party and she asked to nominate Obama by acclamation and to keep the unity of the party, then I became Obama's supporter. But in all cases, I prefer to have a Democrate President at the White House, rather than a Republican. Consequently, I believe that Senator John McCain, has paid Mr. Bush's bill.

A BLACK is now the new master of the WHITE House. Barack Obama present a new era, a new committment, a new hope, the CHANGE. But, what policy will he follow in our region?
We know that he is supporting the idea of withdrawing the US troops from Iraq, but such measure shall be well studied because it can leave Iraq uncovered with neighboors like Iran, Syria and Turkey, without mentioning the terrorists, inside.

In Palestine, Obama has said his word: preserve Israel's national security, strengthen its independence and Jerusalem is Israel's united capital. He only agree on the idea of establishing an independent Palestinian state.

Obama is ready to talk with countries such North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela and Iran. Only Iran here presents an interest for us. It is a neighboor to many Arabic and Islamic countries, and it has an influence in countries such as Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Emirates and Bahrain. Any compromise between Tehran and Washignton DC, may threat our interests or national security.

Will Obama be different? I do not think so. But I believe that he will have different visions and will improve USA image worldwide by changing its policy.