jeudi, novembre 09, 2006


Last week Saddam Hussein was sentenced to death by hanging. I do not like to say that I am happy for that, but I believe that he deserves it. What is shaming is that many arab cirizens are unhappy with the sentence. Saddam Hussein is not a martyr..Saddam Hussein is not a hero..Saddam Hussein as Hitler and Mussolini before, he is a first class killer. He made a lot of mistakes and he shall pay the bill now. I am surprised from those who are describing a killer as a hero. Just to fresh up their minds, Saddam Hussein has participated in the killing of one Iraqi president, he killed some of his opponents live on TV when "Baath Congress", he ordered to kill people in Dujeil, Anfal and in the Iraqi Kurdastan. He made wars with his neighboors: Iran and Koweit. If we look to Sharia'a regulations as well as to the positive laws, Saddam Hussein deserves to be sentenced to death by all means. This is a tragic and shamful end to a dictator. May this be a lesson for many of his same around the World.