jeudi, novembre 16, 2006


I am following what is happening in Lebanon and hereinafter my comments:
I believe that the decision of hezbollah and Amal movement to withdraw their ministers from the cabinet, is a political step which is taken to put obstacles to the government when implementing UN security council to create a Special Court to judge the responsibles of killing Hariri. We have to ask ourselves, why right now Hezbollah and Amal movement have taken such step?
Hasan Nasrallah is not a prophet to be over mistakes. His latest speeches against the 14th of March group were speeches of declaring war and hate between Lebanese citizens. The opposition are saying that the government and the majority are serving foreign interests, however it becomes very clear that the opposition is serving foreign interests too. Those of Syria and Iran.
Michen Aoun is speaking to the "great people of Lebanon", he, who killed thousands of people during the civil war.
Others, as Dr. Sameer Jaajaa and President Ameen Jmail, they contacted the Israelis when they invaded Lebanon in 1982.
Rafic Hariri was a great man. He built the new Lebanon.
The war on Lebanon with Isarel has shown that Hezbollah has much more military forces than expected. Many are saying that Suria is behind the killing, I ADD, HEZBOLLAH MAY BE the KILLER ordered by SYRIA.
I know that many of you are saying, no, it is not true. Other are saying, no, it's Isarel behind it. Why always Israel & USA? Why we are drawing them as big monsters?
I believe in one thing: WE THE ARABS, WE ARE NOT ANGELS!