mercredi, mai 10, 2006


I think that this article will help you to understand a part of my life.
I was born more than 25 years now. I was the first child to be born in my Mother's family. Why I am talking about my mother's family? It is because we were living next to them. I have lived there until 1999 (age: 20 years). When I was a child, they told me that I was preferring to saty at my garndpa home becuase I found there my oncles who were by the time very young (they are 5), so I liked there noise ;)
When my parents left Tunisia, I stayed with my garnd parents, especially that I was studying. So I was sseing my parents, my sister and my brothers for just two months and two weeks yearly for more than 12 years.
When my parents decided to be established in Tunisia, I got my baccalaureate and I moved to Tunis, so I met with them just in the weekends or the holidays, and this since 1999. In the last two years, I could see them just in the weekends even during the holidays because I am working and continuing my Master thesis.
That's why there is a distance between me and them. We do not talk so often. They are saying that they have a confidence in my choices, so never did they discuss with me my studies or work or future.
Now, with my father sickness, I am finding a problem to express my feelings, too.
I have lived alone, with no familymate or friends, I used to be a little bit "rigid", like the ex-soviets ;) but deep inside I am very weak.
All what I am focusing on now, is how to help my father & my family. Your comments, ideas and messages are of big comfort to me. Thanks a lot to share me this terrible moments and I hope that none of you nor of your families will know similar experience.