samedi, mai 13, 2006


I love India.
Last Friday evening I was watching an Indian movie in company of my sister. As you know the Indian movies are so emotional. In fact I couldn't keep my tears. The movie's scenario was about a father and his unique son. A rich father, owner of a big factory of toys and his son who was a crazy of being an actor and with no aim to carry out the business of his father. The relation between both of them was that of more than a parental relation, they were like close friends. When the son married from a rich girl and a daughter of a family friend, she became pregnant and she gave birth to a hire just hours before that that father died. He died of cancer and the whole story was about how that father was trying to keep in secret his sickness of lug cancer on his son, in order not to "bother" his feelings and not to be an obstacle in fulfilling his dream of being a movie star.
An emotional story that remembered me of my father who was in the room next to us, fighting the cancer. My father and my mother who tried two years ago to keep in secret what my father's was fighting in order not to "bother" my work and my studies, but they forgot that I am a part of a family. Two years ago, if I had known what my father was fighting, I would pushed him to continue the "chemiotherapy " that he refused to continue it and we were able at that time to save what we are living now. But unfortunately, this is a will of God. The only problem is that my father is from the medical field and he knows his situation!
Pic. above: with Nimish Bhatt family, India.