mercredi, mai 24, 2006


Have you ever heard about the human trafficking?
It is an unhuman treatment of dreamers. Girls and boys dreaming of being superstars and top models in the world of fashion in Europe, the United States or in Asia. Many companies and agencies covering such dirty activities, are stealing the dreams of such guys. Making casting meetings throughout different cities in order to choose the future's Top Models, these agencies, in fact, are choosing the future's pornographic actors, whores and gays.
Arriving to their destination with a dream of being reach and famous, the victims are deprived from their passports and emprisonned in whorehouses.
Those people are forced to make sex with clients.
Moreover, some human traffickors are using gangs in different countries such in India, the Phillipinnes, Thailand and Vietnam either to kidnapp girls and boys aged of six years old and more or sometimes even to buy them from their families, very poor families.
I cannot maitain that such dirty and unhuman thing can happen and that many people, specially tourists, are looking for such thing.
Can you imagine the situation of the victims? Kidnapped? Stolen? Threatning them and trying to harm their families if they try to run away or to contact authorities?!
can you try to think what would be the future of a girl aged of 6, if she wasn't kidnapped? What would be her life itenerary if she stood with her family and friends, sudying and playing?
Such stories are giving me the desire to throw up.