mercredi, avril 05, 2006


During the celebration of my blogs' 1st anniversary, dear Tarek ( has qualified my blog in saying :" I would delightly refer to your blog as the "blog of hope". Very nice and inspiring".
Today, I am searching the hope and the comfort that I was used to talk about.
My father is very sick. In fact, I was thinking over and over before writting this article.
Neither time, nor luck are in our favour. two weeks ago, we were celebrating the 50th Independence anniversary of Tunisia, so we were in vacation and it was impossible to treat my dad's suffers. Now, my father's doctors and medical staff are in Paris attending an international conference so we have to wait for another week.
I am a believer, a Muslim and I know very well that all of us will die, but here we are talking about my father who is just 50 years old. I am his eldest son, 26.
I can not stand watching him weak, suffering or screaming. I can not either watching my mother's face,48, sad and looking at a dark future, my sister, 22, & my brothers, 15 & 10.
I can not even stay at our home for a long time. I want to escape any unpleased event. I do not like to see my father dying.
In this critical time, we are praying God for his recover and to bless him.
I want to thank all my friends who have sent me emails, sms or even taking the trouble and calling me to show thair sympathy and comfort and to pray for my dady life. They call me from every where, USA, Morocco, Egypt, Palestine, Israel, Lebanon, UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Tunisia.
Dear bloggers, please pray with us in order to help my father and keeping him alive, enshallah. Please.
the last sentence that i want to say is: MY FATHER, I LOVE YOU. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE US