samedi, avril 08, 2006


Many of my friends have criticized me because of my follow-up to Star Academy 3 Middle East. I remember one time I was talikng by phone to my dear Siba, from Lebanon.
- I: " sabsoub, do you follow star academy3?"
- Siba:" yey 3lik. Wenta 3am te7dar hek echya? ya 3eb echoum!"
- I replied:" no. I am following them because they were 19 students. The samre number of our group nineteen & many of them are from the same nationalities as we."
Yes. I was following them because they allowed me to remember my group, my friends and the wonderfull moments that we have spent together. I believe that friendship is very precious & that the Lebanese Joseph Atieh is deserving to be crowned as Star.
Long Live Lebanon ;)