dimanche, avril 30, 2006


Why do not the Tunisian government tries to establish a nuclear reactor to provide Tunisia with energy and to be used in civil purpose?
I have heared that Morocco is studying a similar project.
Concerning Iran, I am against its program, because as said before, Iran is still wanting to export its Islamic Revolution outside Iran and it is clear that Iranians are wanting to get their own nuclear bomb. The Iranian government is lying, because it is impossible to enrich uranium however it gets its reactor finished. More than that, if Iran is really wanting to use the nuclear energy for civil purposes, the enriched uranium is availbale in the international market. More, Iran does not have a pre-alarm warning system, which means that the whole region is threatned. Just for your knowledge, the Iranian nuclear reactor of Bushaher, is three times closer to Koweit than Tehran.
I am saying all of that to warn those who are supporting Iran because of emotion..just because they hate USA & Israel..