jeudi, avril 06, 2006


Although my sadness over my dad's health statuts, I am trying to continue my life. Last time, I and my friends, we were making our dinner and I was making a juice, when we started talking about Saddam Hussein. Here are my point of views over the Middle East:
I disagree with Saddam Hussein. When he invaded Kuwait, I was in Saudi Arabia. Please follow me now, I will start from 1979, the Islamic Revolution year in Iran.
One of the main purposes of the Islamic Revolution, headed by Imam Khomaini, was to spread the Islamic Revolution to the world, especially to the neighbhoors like Iraq, especially that in the south there is a huge crowd of Shiite, and to the Arabian Gulf countries and to the Middle East then to the Islamic World. But keep in mind, that any foreign interference in local business will fail, if not supported by the people of the interested country, look to Iraq now and to the USA policy in spreading democracy.
When Saddam Hussein took the power in Iraq, by force of course, he declared war on Iran. The said countries found in that an opportunity to keep the Iranian threat away, so, Saudi Arabia, Koweit, Qatar, UAE, Bahrain, Russia & USA, they were helping Iraq by providing him with the necessary money, billion & billion of US Dollars, and military equipements. Just keep this in your mind, please, to realize how we, the Arabs, are unfaithful. Do you know which countries were providing Iran with money and military equipments, Israel yes, BUT Syria, too. USA handled huge pressure on Israel to stop its aid to Iran.
I believe that the Iraqi invasion of Koweit was the most stupid stap that Saddam has ever done. Whatever his arguments are, I am considering them as faulty. If he was thinking that koweit is the 19 th district of Iraq, due to history, listen to this:
- Tripoli, the capital of Libya was historically under the Tunisian territory.
- Former border of Tunisia, was in connection with Annaba and Cosantine in Algeria.
- Lebanon was a part of syria.
- All the territories located behind the daed sea on the Jordanian side, were Palestinian, until Amman.
- City of Gizan in Saudi Arabia, is yemenite.
- What about Qatar, Bagrain, Oman, UAE?
- The whole Sudan, was Egyptian.
You can now make a deduction. If we will apply Saddam's thoughts, you can imagine how our Arab World will be. He was a crazy man. A bloody man.
Many people are supporting the idea of non existence of mass destruction weapons in Iraq, and that USA was searching an excuse to make a war. Sorry, I do not think that the Americans are so stupid. They have made wrong decisions and faults, yes, but decision like that...
Why did the Iraqi government allowed the UN commissioners entering Iraq and destroying a lot of chemical weapon? Do you remember when the Iraqi officials, said live on TV, that their chemical weapons are being destroyed by the UN investigation commission, do not agree that that was a positive statement that Iraq owned such kind of weapon?
Moroever, Saddam is now denying that he ordered to kill citizens of Doujeil, because some of its citizens tried to kill him. Heh! Saddam who tried to kill the former President of Iraq, when he was in his twenties, now is denying such thing!
Assuming that he is right, may be the man is right, why not, what about the killing of the Kurd in Hallabjah northern Iraq? It was clear what the Iraqi had done in the eighties. Everything is taped & recoreded. It was clear too, that the Iraqi forces were using chemical weapon which means that Iraq could make mass destructive weapons, may be nuclear, why not?
Having nuclear weapons, why not, as well as Israel owns them, but at least Israel or the USA, are using these weapons in order to protect their borders and business not in killing theirs citizens.
Saddam Hussein has made a lot of mistakes, now he has to pay the bill and I want tell those who are supporting him to be ashemed. Do you remember when Saddam Hussein had started bombarding Israel? He started doing that when he felt that the world community is against him especially many governments that he thought thay would be supporters of his "tactic". He was bombarding Israel and talking about freeing Palestine, just in order to get compassion and sympathy of the Arab and world streets, from people, to make pressure under the different government. He was using them, not serving them. Poor Palestine. It becames just as a "logo" to get supporters. If he was liking to free Palestine, why did not he invaded Israel, instead of Koweit? Where are the Koweities kept by his forces?
Saddam Hussein is a man of blood and killing, he deserves what is happening to him and I hope that some head of states will take lessons from his story and sad end like that of Hitler, Mossolini and Milosevic.
لـو دامت لغيرك، لما آلت إليك، هذه الكلمات كتبها رئيس الوزراء البناني الراحل رفيق الحريري على رخامة وضعها في أعلي مدخل قصر السراي الكبير، مقر رئاسة الوزراء في العاصمة البنانية بيروت