mardi, avril 18, 2006


Hearing the news of Saddam's trial delay, I was thinking about what is happening in Iraq, before, now and what would be the situation in the future.
When the Egyptian President Mohamed Hosni Mubarek has said that the Shiite's loyality is all the time towards Iran, not to their own countries, world "stood up and never sat down". The Iraqi shiites disliked that say and the Egyptian President has withdrewn his first statement saying that he was talking about religious loyality not politically. NO, Mr. the president, you were right. The shiite's loyality is always towards Iran, and we shall not forget that one of the Iranian Islamic Revolution is to export the revolution to the world especially the Iranian's neighbours like Iraq, the Arabian Gulf, the Middle East and for far the Islamic world. Iran is playing its whole card especially in the present ciercumstances and we, the Arabs and the Muslims, we shall not be happy of the Iranian nuclear project.
Back to the topic!
I was watching Saddam's trial, then a question has came to my mind. What if Saddam Hussein was in office, and a similar trial was going on in Iraq. What would be the reaction of Saddam towards people who had tried to kill or already had killed or ordered to kill or to manage a "a coup d'Etat" ? The answer is that Saddam Hussein would order them to a death sentence without trial. So, I want to say to all those people who are denying democracy on Iraq to be quiet, because the fact of sending Saddam to trial untill now, without sentenced him, is a clear evidence of the respect of law and although Saddam will be sentenced to death (may not), he deserves it because all of us, we know what he did during his dictaturship.
Back to the famous Dr. Al Jaafaree, Dr, I think it is better to you to withdraw from the political scene and to allow your colleagues continue their negotiation to form the Iraqi government and to try to focus on building the country. LEAVE THE CHAIR, Dr. Al Jaafaree and try to do something good before regret it one day.
Former Lebanese PM the late Rafic Hariri had put above the principal front door of the Government's Palace "Assaray Al Kabir" a marble plate written on it " if it persisted to your predecessor, it wouldn't come to you".