mercredi, avril 12, 2006


"Nabbarra", this is typical qualification of the Tunisian citizens.
As you know, I am sharing a flat with some friends with whom I am in a perpetual conflict of interest and misunderstandings.
Last time, watching the Tunisian TV Channel Tunis 7, they were making "empty" comments.
-"Oh! "After the break". It isn't like Al JAzeera?", said one of them with a big laugh on his face.
The other started laughing and making other comments and description without basis.
I shouted:"NO! It is not true. The first channel to follow the Anglo-american system of broadcasting was MBC. Tunis 7 is just following a worldwide behaviour, altthough the existence of some gaps, stop your irony and hypocrisy. Nabbarra nta3 wedni!".
Another one made another comments ver the weather forcast of Tunis 7, too. " What colours! what animation! Hheheheh"
And they started again in thier laughs that qualify of non respect of our homeland. I do not know if they are following international televisions like Euronews or the majority of the Arabic Tv channels or the Anglo-American ones.
Nabbarra, I believe is the best qualification of the Dear Tunisians who are very brave when talking in corners and saying untrue statements.
It is really very shamefull!