jeudi, janvier 08, 2009


The Mister Hassan Nasrallah has told Israel that "all possibilities are open" against Israel. Nobody can deny that Nasrallah is a man of words! The answer comes this morning when rockets fired from Lebanon hits northern Israel.

It seems that Hamas is not enough to complicate the situation in Palestine. Now, it is the turn of Hezbollah to complicate the situation in the region itself.

In 2006, hezbollah attacked Israel in the name of Gaza. Israel counterattacked the whole Lebanon and destroyed the country. However, at that time, what did Hamas to the Mister saver? did they take any step to stand beside hezbollah? they did nothing!

I believe that many people are now using the case of Gaza in order to register political points and in order to increase their popularities especially that many of them are ahead of legislative elections such as:
- elections in Isreal;
- elections in Lebanon;
- elections in Turkey and ُُErdogan's party is even facing a probable verdict before the justice;
- in case of Venezuela, it is an opportunity to strengthen its position against the US and to serve its interests in some countries of the region and especially to find a place on the international map

Gaza, provides all of them with an occasion to reorganize their cards in order to serve their own interests in the name of the Palestinian Case!