mardi, janvier 27, 2009

FOLLOWING "The Emy attitude" article "Allah yarhmek mon papi"...

Sorry Emy, I have published here again my comment to your article because what you wrote was so touching. It really touched my heart and thoughts. Three years ago, but I cannot forget my father.

This was my comment to Emy's article ( "Allah Yar7mou. I know what do you feel. I went through the same feelings when my father dies about 3 years now. It was a Sunday....I was talking to a doctor by phone and to his daughter (we are friends) in order to find a solution to take him to teh hospital. I was running like a crazy man between our home and the emergency in order to transfer him. I remember how the doctors and teh medical staff looked at me. they knew that my father is dying and thay they cannot help him, until I heard the screams of the father has died!We burried him in the same day. I remember also that his funeral was on about 3 km. 3 km of men and cars to make tribute to him.People did not see me crying...I kept my tears...I was obliged to be seen as a strong man especially in front of my mother, sister (who lost her voice for days), little brothers and grand parents. From time to time I escape to the toilette where I cry before drying my eyes.Terrible days but life goes on!"