dimanche, juillet 30, 2006



Please help us show the destruction and the misery on the ground. Take pictures or short clips of your daily life during the israeli attacks with your cell phones, cameras, or any other media or if you have received any pictures showing the war from a lebanese friend or a person living in Lebanon & and send to watchlebanon@gmail.com. They will later be posted on_________ to show the world what is reallyhappening in lebanon on a daily life basis. Shoot anything around you, falling bombs, refugees, supermarkets, trucks, stairways, fires, people running in every direction, empty streets, birthdays in shelters, destroyed cars, buildings, cars in a line at gas station, people standing in line to buy bread. In a word document your daily life... and show the world everything. Israel has convinced the whole world that our lives are worthless, that our children are natural born terrorists. They have convinced the world that we deserve the punishment. They show images from Israel that would break your heart. Then for a few seconds, they show images from lebanon, the same ones, over and over every day, the ones chosen by their media, the ones that show destroyed buildings or some smoke from far but never a human life.Please act now before we become like Iraq, a death score for 10 seconds before the meteo on their daily news. And this can happen very soon after the foreigner evacuation ends.Please forward to anyone in the country.
In solidarity,

Siba H. Maraachli. "