samedi, juillet 15, 2006


Je me tiens fermement à ce qu'une malédiction divine veille au-dessus du Moyen Orient. En essayant de ne pas rester les bras croisés, j'ai contacté mes amis au Liban mais aussi j'ai essayé de prendre une position vis à vis mes amis Israeliens. Je vous laisse juger cet email reçu de la part d'une amie Israelienne ainsi que mon email intiale:

(mon email initial) "Dear xxx,

I hope that you and your family are fine within this new problems in the Middle East.
I will talk with you frankly. In fact I believe that we are friends.
I disagree with the Israeli government policy towards the Palestinians and the Lebanese. I believe that we, the Arabs, we missed many times to establish peace with you, but the Israeli's military operations are with no ground. If three Israeli soldiers are captured, what would we say about thousands of Palestinians and Arab civilians in the Israeli prisons?
I am a big supporter of peace, I want one day to visit your country, as well as I want to viist the State of Palestine, I was all the time defending Israel and the peace, but today I feel very ashamed and embaressed in front of my friends. I can not defend Israel and the USA, because they are not respecting the International laws and the international conventions and good behaviors. I am in a critical postion more than the Israeli themselves.
I hope to be one day in a position from where I could change things and I could help in bringing peace to your region so that your children will live in peace and safety, playing football with teh Palestinians and spending the holidays on the Lebanese beach.

May God be with you.

Legend of the Fall"

(the idareli email) "Dear xxxxx,

This is the first time I cannot agree with you. I am definitely against this violation but, as a left-wing Israeli, I feel wormed. What else do the Arabs need from us except for leaving our country or better for the to be thrown in the sea? We left Lebanon, and that only enabled Isabella to get to the current situation where they attack us just as they did before we started the Lebanon war. I was against that war than and I was for the leaving of Lebanon, so what should I tell my friends now about it?
the same is Gaza: I was for the detachment. We left Gaza. And what to we get? The Hamas is able to be better equipped against the Israeli Soldiers in our board. What do they want? They want us dead.
I think we proved already our will to leave in peace but in safe borders. Hamas and Isabella only wants the Jewish country to be erased.
How would you suggest us to react?
I am very sorry that the media shows only the Lebanon side. Here in Israel it is a war. I was working today with my statistician from the north, and every certain e-mails she wrote me she is sorry but she has to go to the shelter.
I am very sorry that you may get only part of the picture and I am very upset and without hope for a peaceful future here in the middle east. It seems that the cultural gap between mentalities as well as believes, and the fact that the Hamas Hisballa, Syria and Iran link won't be in peace until they delete us from the map, and even worse, the fact that they convince even intelligent and sensitive individuals like you, in a demagogic way is very discouraging.