samedi, août 06, 2005


British Prime Minister Tony Blair, took a decision to expell any person presents an express threat to the National British security or call for hate and religious violence. He was criticised for that decision which, primerly, is anti-Human rights. I say, NO. It is legal. It is very clear that United Kingdom is paying its guest to those fanatic people who run away from their countries, UK was for them a country of a total freedom, but then, they turned off againt the country which protected them & which gave them a refuge. One of the fanatic, called to establish an islamic country in the United Kingdom.I laughed a lot. Why this man is calling to change a legal regime, in a legal country? Who are you to call or to do this? You are inside them, they protected you, they give you to eat. You have just to close your mouth! Tony Blair is taking the right decision. His country is threatned & menaced. Yes! I know! You will remind me of Iraq. I will remind you, too, about what Saddam Hussein did! He killed thousands of people during his presidency. He was a man of war. He took the power by force. I was against his policy. And it was not important to me that he would or not stay in governing. It was an Iraqi pure question.But What he did by invaded Kuwait, in August 1990, was a big mistake. His argument that Kuwait was an entity of Iraq, is not true. Because of that, historically, Tripoli, the Libyan's capital was inside Tunisian's territory, Annaba, in Algeria, was inside Tunisian territory, too. Syria will ask to add Lebanon, because it was Syrian; Yemen will ask Saudi Arabia to take Najran from the south; and even the palestinian will ask Jordan to give them their historical land, which belong to them, around the dead sea. So, as you see, this argument of Saddam, is weak. Other argument. It was said, that Kuwait used a petrol field, which is between the two countries border during the Iraqi-iranien war. I do not agree with this, because all of us, we know that Iraq is a big producer of oil. So I do not think that this is a key question to invade Kuwait, because of a small field. Others are talking that USA have a very high-technological & strategic weapon in Kuwait, when Iraq invaded it, its forces took it with them & that's why USA wanted to back that weapon & asked to destroy all Iraqi's nuclear weapon & program. I think that this is weak too. USA made pressure on Israel during the first Gulf war because it bought weapons to Iran. Te gulf countries helped Iraq, too. Unfortunally, Saddam Hussein was not a true allien or friend. He was able to do every thing in order to stay strong. He was wrong! When he bombarded Israel by Skud, it was not because he liked to free Palestine, NO..NO..NO.. he was seeking the popularity among his people and among the arab & muslim world. Just for that. To search a legacy to his barbaric act. Here, he won!
What we are living now, from dispatch, a non unity, the strong foreign presence in the gulf, the political & economic problems, all of them are the result of the 2nd Gulf war in 1990, the result of Saddam's idiot behaviour. And we are paying the bill.
Many men around the world were like him, and they faced the same result: Hitler, Mussolini, Milosovic, & a lot of others who changed the way of the history in a very bad and dangerous direction. They deserve what happened and what is happening to them.
The world has changed. The game rules changed too. We, the arab and the muslim, we are in the weak side now, because of the fucking hero Bin Laden & similar.
The Iraqi's should take advantage to rebuild their country. To open a new white page.
Why shall we accuse every time, the american or the Israeli's because of our mistakes or misunderstandings?
As a typical and radical arab citizen, if I find my car broken outside, I will say: oh my God! The american & the Israeli's did this. THIS IS WRONG. ARABS..MUSLIMS..WAKE UP.
We talked about Palestine. Yes I call for peace their. I know well that it is very difficult to do so. I do not need your thoughts about. But let us trying to solve that problem. Do not ask to expell the Israeli's from that land, because they don't have a country to go. They are not as the French ( France) or the British (UK). When they left their colonies, they went back to their countries. Here the situation is different. Do not say that Allah said in the Holy Quran that they will leave Palestine, so let us waiting that day and stopping the blood!
Allah called to peace, to negociate, to brotherhood, not to be agressif.
I LOVE the arab world from the ocean to the gulf. But I try to be realistic. Not to judge upon my feelings. The people who were killed in London, the same people, were in huge manifestations in oreder to make pressure on their leaders to solve the Iraqi's problem, to establish peace in the middle east & to end poverty and starvation in Africa. Now, we lost them, because we killed them..or we killed their friends..their children..a tunisian guy was died there too.
The blasts of Sharm-el-sheikh costed lives but also jobs due to tourism.
Problems in Algeria, Morocco, Polisario, Mauritania, Sudan, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Djibouti, Comores island, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, this is the arab map. Political, economical, social & poverty dilema.
( be continued)