mardi, août 02, 2005


I am a muslim. I believe in Death & meeting God. But when we lose someone that we love and respect, it is very hard to control ourselves. early in the morning of August 1st ( 05:00 GMT), during taking our breakfast at home, I was zapping between the TV channels. STOP! Readings from the Holy Koran in all saudi's TV. Why? It is because of John Garang's death? NO! All my family stayed in front of the TV set. We have a long story with Saudi Arabia. It was the news that we don't like to hear.
We lost a very brave man. We lost a real King. I say this because I know very well His Majesty The King Fahd Bin Abdulaziz Al Saoud. When my family was in Saudi Arabia for a decade, we saw closely the growth of the kingdom. We lived just 25 km from The Holy City of Mecca Al Mukaramah.Motorways, skycrapers, lights, hospitals, airports, harbours, schools, universities, mosques & stadiums. All the country was moved, and it is still now, in acting. Never will we forget you, King Fahd. Sorrow and sadness over our house since the news of the death of the Saudi's king. He gave so much to his people, to the Arab nation & the muslim world. May God Bless Him & give us the comfort.
On vient de perdre une grande personnalité, un Grand chef d'Etat, qui n'a cessé de donner à son peuple, au monde arabe, musulman et au monde entier. Le Roi Fahd, le vrai constructeur du Royaume, l'Arabie Saoudite moderne, dont moi et ma famille, nous étions témoins. Nous avons vécu à 25 km de la ville sacrée Makkah Al Moukarramah. Autoroutes, grandes immeubles, des hopitaux, des écoles, des universités, des aéroports, des ports, des ville industrieles, des mosqués et des villes sportives. Tout le Royaume était, et il est encore, sous le chemin de la modernisation. On vous oubliera jamais, Cher Roi, défunt Fahd. Au sein de ma famille, nous sommes très triste. Douleur et choc nous qualifient. Nous, qui étions proche de ces actes et décisions. Que Dieu Lui Bénisse et qu'il nous donne de la force pour surmonter la douleur.