samedi, août 27, 2005


In the next few days will begin the celebrations of the death of Lady Diana, Princess Of Wales. 8 years ago, now. Many people are asking why do I love her? I answered. Because of a lot of things. Because of her life story, her style, her lovely and kind smile, her beauty, her humanity and her compassion. I was on the edge to know her, even to meet her when she dies. Never will I forget that day of August 30th, 1997. During that period I knew that she was spending her holiday in the mediterraneran with Dodi Al Fayed and she was planning to go back to England. In the morning I met my cousin in the street. He stopped me and said: " The Queen Diana, has died". I froze. Then I asked: "Queen..Diana..who dies? The Queen Elizabeth II or Princess Diana?". He added:" I do not know. The woman that you love. Go and ask my father. He knew" And he dissappear in the street. I runned to meet my oncle.
I found him watching the tv set showing ther news and the crash of the car. Dear Yamen..Lady Diana, Princess Of Wales..has died. It was like an earthquack. I called the British Ambassador Residence in La Marsa and I found his wife Mrs. Genevieve Edis. She comforted me a lot. We talked about Shy Di, the British Royal Family and about tyhe sadness, the sorrow and the shock over that death. The next day, I went to the British Embassy in Tunis ( At that time it was in Bab B'har, before moving to Les Bergers du Lac) where I was very well welcomed from the Embassy's staff. His Excellency the British Ambassador, the late Mr. Richard Edis ( Who died because of cancer, 2 years ago now) knew that I am coming. I put a flower, I wrote some words & I stayed for a few moment in silence. Another message, then a call with Mr. Mohammed Al Fayed to express my angry, sorrow, mourning and sadness. It was a terrible period. Saturday September 6th, 1997. It was the funeral of the Princess. Millions of people were in the streets of London and others were alongside the route from London to Althorp where the Princess's soul rests in peace. I made a promise that my Love and my respect to Diana are eternal & I am keeping my words.