samedi, août 20, 2005


In less than a month 3 airline accidents costed the life of more than 33o passengers. This make me fear about travelling by air. I have a plan to make a short visit to the USA, but now I am thinking about cancelling it. The journey from Paris, London or Geneva, to Washington lasts at least 8 hours. I think about my friend, who will go to Nantes this sunday, too. When we were with him at a pub, we ( We and our friends) told him that in sunday we will follow the news. Any breaking news about an airline company problem, will let us starting in thinking about him.
In 1997, when I took a boeing 747, it was just weeks after a Saudi B-747 crashed in India killing the whole passengers and crew members & during the take off of the plane, I started in crying telling the hostess: " I do not like to die"!. I said this because before our departure, we faced problems with one engine. A black fume covered the plane. WHO SAID THAT TRAVELLING BY AIR IS VERY SECURED?