samedi, août 06, 2005


An ATR-72 has been crashed in front of Palermo in the mediterranean sea. 39 on board: 35 italian tourists and 4 members of the crew. The plane was enroute from Bari, Italy to Djerba, Tunisia. Until this morning, Sunday August 7th, 2005, the italian officials reported the death of 13, 23 survivors and 3 missing. Sicily's prosecutor denied a terrorist act. The two engines of the plane, named " Habib Bourguiba" and bought 13 years ago, turned off. The pilote tried to fly to Punta Raisi international Airport of Palermo to make an emergency landing, but he failed. The plane was divided in 3 parts. It was the first airline catastrophe to the Tunisian aviation history since 1948.
A day of mourning was claimed in the region of Bari.
May God bless all the victims.