mardi, août 30, 2005


Born on July 1st and died on August 31st. it seems like that she lived just for two months. Two months full of avtivities, love, compassion, humanity and hate. Lady Diana, Princess Of Wales. The most photographed woman in the world, still have an influence on her fans. In the last weeks, some secret agents from MI5 and MI6, British secret services, said that the princess was killed by mistake. Thay wanted to make her fear, to fright her in order to separate between her and Dodi Al Fayed and specially to let her to abort the baby by whom she is pregnant, if that information was true. Her children, Prince William and Prince Harry, asked us to forget Princess Diana and to stop talking about her. I reply. This is not your business. We love her and we will continue in doing that until the truth of her death.
Née le 1er juillet et décédée le 31 aout. On dirait qu'elle a vécu 2 mois pleins d'amour, de compassion, d'humanisme, et d'haine. La princess Diana, la femme la plus fotographiée du monde, continue d'influencer et d'inspirer ceux qui l'admirent. Des agents des sercices secrets britanniques ont avoués le fait de désirer separer entre Diana et Dodi Al Fayed sans les tués. Ces deux fils, Prince William et Prince Harry, nous ont demandés d'oublier leur mere. Ma réponse: Non. A jamais.