jeudi, octobre 23, 2008


From time to time we hear that (x) or (y), a singer, a businessman or a politician is rejecting invitations to visit Israel. I cannot understand why they refuse to go?

I understand that they believe that if they go, they will feel and they will be seen by public, as traitors and as being betrayers. However, by rejecting such invitations, will we solve the dispute which is opposing our Arab world to the State of Israel? Do you think that by closing all ways of communications with, what many of you call "ennemy", we will free Palestine? Shall we really care about it? Can we do it? How? Are we ready to do it? When?

I know that I have made a choice is to establish peace but establishing peace does not mean to accept what Israel dictates. I believe that mutual compomises must be given from all parties to the conflict including Israel itself.

I also have a priniciple: NEVER CLOSE THE DOORS. We need to enter into direct and frankly speaking talks. We need to keep open channels with Israel in order to reach a fair solution.
Personnally, I do not have any problem with visiting Tel Aviv or to talk to Israelis. This does not mean that I am betraying my Palestinians and Lebanese friends. It is a way to understand the "ennemy", to focus on his way of life, thinking, policy, to know his points of strenght and weakness.

Late US President, J. F. Kennedy said one time: "forgive your ennemies, but never forget their names".