dimanche, mars 05, 2006


‘Green Party’ is born in Tunisia

The Green Party for Progress adds ‘another colour’ to ever-increasing political spectrum.

TUNIS - A new political party was born Friday in Tunisia.
The new formation, named “the Green Party for Progress,” (the PVP) is Tunisia’s ninth legal party.
The other eight political parties span the political spectrum, from the centre to the left. But this is the first party dedicated to ecological concerns.
Mr Mongi Khammassi, secretary general of the newly-formed party, said in a statement today his formation “will be a space open to all sincere people and patriotic Tunisians desiring to contribute to the progress of the country, within legality and respect for the tenets of the republican system.”
He added, “our party will endeavour to promote environmental awareness and sensitization as to the importance of such an awareness in anchoring a pro-environment culture in the lives of citizens and groups of society.”
The party will also “struggle against all forms of natural imbalances,” he said.
The new party is led by a ten-member executive committee.
It is also the fifth political party to gain legal standing since President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali came to power in 1987.
Mr Mongi Khamassi, the secretary general of the PVP, is a liberal activist and a member of Parliament.