mercredi, décembre 14, 2005


The continous operations of killing leaders in Lebanon is very very sad and sorrow. The fact of being lebanese and lived that story since 1975, the civil war and the fact of trying to re-build the country, let me being proud of them, their freedom and their democracy. Today, we say goodbye to Gebran Tueni (1957-2005). We will continue the way. The question that I am asking my self: Is Syria involved in the differents attacks? I think yes! Or why did the syrian minister of interior suicided, why Rostem Ghazella, tried to sucide,too? Is Israel or USA behind the attacks? I asked Leabnese friends and they told me that Syria was colonised Lebanon, that's all!
The problem will be more dangerous if it will be clear that Syria is involved, because I do not believe that a simple decision of killing Rafic Hariri, would be taken by the Syrian Secret Services without taking a green light from Bachar Al Assad!
I hope no!
I can guess now why Lebanon is a wonderful country, it is because of the large numbers of martyrs who gave their lives in order to bring independence to Lebanon.
Long Live Lebanon.
Je suis très triste sur ce qui se passe sur la scène Libanaise. Etre d'origine Libanaise, mais loin du Liban, me rends beaucoup plus triste. Aujourd'hui nous nous rendons hommage à Gebran Tueni (1957-2005).
La question qui se pose: à quel degré la Syrie est impliquée? Je ne crois pas qu'une décision de tuer Rafic Hariri, ou les autres journalistes et politiciens, pourrait être prise sans le consentement des hauts fonctionnaires syriens: Le président Bachar Al Assad. Si c'est la vérité, ca sera l'anarchie totale!