lundi, décembre 05, 2005


I arrived to Washignton D.C. on Saturday September 17th, 2005 after 8 hours of flying from Paris Charles De Gaulle.
It was 19H00 EST Time, 02H00 Sunday, in Tunisia.
Approaching to the Airport, I was sleeping when an American Lady, Gazelle, sitting beside me punched me. I wake up, she said: "welcome to the United States, Yamen".
On Dulles Washington International Airport, I found Mrs. Aida, later Mom Aida, from the US. Departmnet of State waiting me. She accompanied us, I and three girls, to our Hotel: Lincoln Suites Hotel. The fact of being in the State was amazing. In our route from the airport untill the hotel, I had a aspecial feeling at that moment: I liked to hug everything!
The following day in the morning, I went down to have my breakfast. At the room I found a group of youth sitting around two or three tables, and talking in arabic. I murmured: "are they part of my group?", I went to them, I presented my self and asked them if they are part of the International Visitor Program. Their answer was positive. Here the grantees:
- I, from TUNISIA
- Shaima, from BAHRAIN
- Samar, from BAHRAIN
- Hebatallah, from EGYPT
- Adham, from EGYPT
- Mohammed, from GAZA, PALESTINE
- Mahmoud, from GAZA, PALESTINE
- Zahra, from ISRAEL ( Palestinian of 1948)
- Lamiaa, from MOROCCO
- Sanaa, from MOROCCO
- Siba, from LEBANON
- Ammar, from JORDAN
- Abla, from SAUDI ARABIA
- Sara, from IRAQ
- Abdulaziz, from U.A.E
- Heba, from YEMEN
- Raidan, from YEMEN
We were 19 students. They were very nice people that it is very hard to forget. I will write articles and putting pictures in their Loving Memories.