samedi, décembre 10, 2005


I went to Carrefour with some friends to do "shopping", and I bought a Christmas Tree with its decoration. I am sure that you are going to ask why did I buy it however I am muslim??!
I saw the same question marks on their faces, but arrived to our shared house, I was preparing the dinner when was of my friends who did not go with us, entred the kitchen reading some verses from the Holy Koran. I did not pay attention to him. I thought that there is something to say or to joke with me, because one time I was late and I was at the kitchen dinning, the others where at the living room watching the TV set, when I found the picture of Ben Laden, Al Zawaheri and Abu Mossab Al Zarqawee, my friends left it in purpose because they know how much I hate those persons. But it was not like that. When my friend entred the kitchen he was not joking. He was angry. Angry because I bought a christmas tree. You have to know that that friend hate the israelis, hate the americans, hate the jewish, does not believe in peace or negotiating, does not accept the other point of view! I considered him as an extremist!
He was shouting on my face and crying, asking why did I buy it, etc..etc..; the others were just observing us. When I knew that he was not joking I replied. He did not like my response because it was " so dry" as my friends qualified it. I told him that that it was not his business. I AM FREE. When I bought the Christmas Tree, not because of religion. I bought it to have a fun with my little brothers in decorating it and also because we have a tradition to spend the New Year Eve with our grand parents, so I liked to have a fan! Why all the time, we try to overturn the ideas and the thoughts of each other? The fact of buying a Christmas Tree, does it hurt somebody? I do not think so. the only one who has to accept or refuse the tree is my father or mother. I bought it not as a religious symbol, I bought it to have fun with my brothers & sister, to use it as decoration.
I considered my friends as fanatic & extremist, and if he is continue to be like that, I will qualify him as a dangerous man.