mercredi, décembre 27, 2006


"The Iraqi's Court of Appeal has confirmed the first judgment against the former Iraqi's president, Saddam Hussein. The dictator will be sentenced to death in 30 days", Tv reporter stated. I felt relieved. Saddam Hussein has killed thousands of his own citizens, because they were not allowed to say: NO!, or to say, Mr. the president you are wrong, or Mr. the president open your eyes, please, see what your family member, your sons and your clergies are doing!
Saddam Hussein was a tyrant by excellence. He was a man of war. Three wars during his "reign". I rank him together with Hitler, Musolini and Sharon. If you want, you may add Bush, I do not care!
Six years ago I was talking to a friend who is a big supporter of Saddam and a foolish fan of Hitler, I told him:"Look Mejdi, you will see how Saddam's end will be in the future. It will be like Hitler". After six years, I have found that my statement was true. He lived in ten of palaces, he was like a "Sultan", he terrified people, he changed the world and the region by entering into three wars, he lost all of them, he disappointed his fellowers and fans and now he will end died after being judged. I am happy and relieved because he will be rewarded for what he did.