mardi, décembre 19, 2006


UN investogators over the killing of the former Lebanese PM Rafik Hariri have reached the pre-final information and picture of Hariri's killer. It was said that the killer have lived in Lebanon for two or three months before the terrorist attack. Investogators have treated some teeth, hair and pieces of the killer's meat. They said that they need more time to decide from where the killer is. Al Hariri was killed on February 14, 2005. After that, large and massives demonstartions invaded Lebanon. Thousands of domonstrators satyed at Freedom Square in Beirut until the dissmisal of Karameh government. New elections have been organized and new cabonet have been formed chaired by Mr. Fouad Siniora. The legislative elections have been won by the new majority formed by anti-syrians.
The assassination of Hariri have shocked Lebanon and the World. since that time, many politicians and TV show stars have given their lives and blood to save Lebanon's freedom and sovereignity.