samedi, juin 10, 2006


In the week, I have lost my father who dies at the age of 51 years old, leaving behind a widow and 4 children, I am the eldest one of them. A heavy responsibility is over my shoulders now. But I believe that life shall continue.
In the week, Al Zarkawee had been killed. I am very happy to know that and I am praying for Ben Laden's capture or death too, enshallah.
In the week, football's fans around the world are celebrating the World Cup Germany 2006.
In the week, Kofi Anan, will receive a report over Rafic Hariri killing. I hope that truth of his assassination will be known.
In the week, many tunisian pupils are beginning the baccalaureate exams. I wish them good luck.
In the week, Iraq, Palestine & Lebanon are always in my mind and prayers.