dimanche, octobre 15, 2006


I know that for many of you this is the most stupid question they ever heard. However I believe that it is time for asking such question. WHY DO WE HATE THE USA? I challenge you that no body is knowing the answer. According to my experience with people, I have noticed that their opinions regarding to the USA are very confused. The only thing that all of us agree on is that the US policy toward our region specially in the Middle East and regarding to the conflict with Israel, is unfair. I know that many of you will remind me of Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea, Iran, Myanmar, and many more. Let me tell you, that we shall not blame the Americans or the Israelis for what is happening to us! We share them the responsibility of what is happening to us! We must stop playing the role of the victim.
People who are dying in Iraq are the Iraqis, killed by Iraqis. May be tens of US and British soldiers are being killed per month, but hundrerds of Iraqis are being killed per day!
I believe that it is rather to the Iraqis to build their country then killing them selves. It is said that an Iraqi federal state is a threat. Yes, it is threat because it will be governed by Arabs! USA, Brazil, Australia, India, Russia, Germany, Mexico, Argentina, Malysia are federal countries; Italy, Spain, UK are countries with given-power to the regions. All these countries, despite the multi race which are living in, they have maintained their unity. Why a federal state could not succeed in Iraq?
Why to hate the USA, although we want wearing Levis' jeans, eating hamburger, drinking Coca Cola or Pepsi, visiting the States, watching US movies, listening to US singers and music and in some arabic countries using the US Dollar? We like all of these, but when talking about freedom of speech, democracy, voting, and human rights, we start being humilated!
Why should we blame the USA because of it is policy specially after the 9/11?
They are trying to protect their country and it is their right! Many of you do not know what the hell does it mean live in terror! When I have been in New York, I have been notified of a probable terrorsit attack in NYC subway. I have lived in terror and I felt what does it mean to be in danger.
Why blaming the others because of our stupid strategy?
The 9/11 are terrorsit attacks, no one can change my judgement of that! It was the date that changed the world to the worst and that served our ennemies' policy.
It is better to correct oneself before blaming the others.
Hating the US will not solve the problem. I am convinced that we rae facing a common threat and a common ennemy: TERRORISM and we shall try, each one of us from its side, to build bridges of communication between civilisations.