dimanche, octobre 22, 2006


The topic these days in Tunisia, is the govermental and security compaign against the veil. Many girls and women have been embaressed or ennuied by the authorities because of wearing the veil. I believe and I KNOW that some girls and women wear the veil however they are BITCHES and WHORES, but many others are wanting just to obey the religious law: al sharia'a. As to my concern, I believe of what is called: DIFFERENCE and RESPECT of the others' choice. You are FREE to do whatever you want but in accordance to LAWS. Which means, in my point of view, that as long as you are not a threat to the national security or the public order and as long as you behave good, you are free.
I heard some ministers and officials saying that the veil will bring back the Tunisian woman to the stages of the 18th and the 19th century and that the Tunisian woman will loose her achievements since August 1956. I reply to them, SORRY, this is not true. LOOK to Iran, Saudi Arabia, Emirates, Koweit, Qatar, Egypt, Morocco, Sudan, Bahrain, Lebanon, Syria, Indonesia and Malaysia. The VEIL is not an OBSTACLE..to progress, to work and to invent. However, the MENTALITIES could be when depriving people from their freedom of speech and their rights to live in dignity!